SINBIO ecological engineering

SINBIO is a company of consulting engineers in ecological engineering founded in 1993. SINBIO works in the fields of wastewater treatment, sustainable urban drainage, and the restoration or creation, enhancement and management of natural and artificial aquatic environments.

SINBIO brings together the skills of over twenty water professionals and environmentalists : ecologists, water engineers, agronomists, hydro-biologists, and specialists in water treatment, in biological engineering and in environmental engineering.

In 2014, the workforce of SINBIO was 27 persons, with 16 engineers, 8 other technical staff and 3 administrative staff.

SINBIO offers its expertise, skills and services in training, consulting, design and supervision of construction works in the following fields :

  • Enhancement, restoration and maintenance of water courses : biological and mixed methods of embankment restoration, restoration of ecological continuity;
  • Sanitation and waste water treatment : sewer networks and sewage treatment plants, with a specialization in natural systems, ponds and constructed wetlands for full treatment and polishing, N- and P-removal;
  • Stormwater management and sustainable urban drainage : integrated solutions for retention and treatment, first reed bed filters for storm water treatment in France, landscaped collection and retention of urban runoff;
  • Restoration of ponds, lakes and wetlands and their management;
  • Creation of recreational amenities with water : natural swimming ponds, decorative ponds.

SINBIO’s objectives :

  • To meet the needs of communities, administrative services and of the entire civil society in the field of environmental management.
  • To provide reliable and effective solutions tailored to the problems encountered and the stakes involved.
  • To promote and develop innovative techniques respectful of the ecosystems (stabilization of river embankments with plants, natural treatment of waste water and storm water..)

SINBIO’s missions :

  • Expertise and consulting
  • Feasibility studies, diagnostics
  • Development of projects and plans of management
  • Project design and supervision of construction sites
  • Training

SINBIO also does strategic and methodological studies, and contributed to the creation of reference documents for water agencies, regional and local administration, linked to its research and development activity.

SINBIO is the author of several scientific and technical publications (NOVATECH, ASTEE conferences, TSM magazine).

SINBIO has won several awards such as the NOVATECH Conference trophy in 2013 and the Grand Prix 2014 in environmental engineering, awarded by the French Ministry of the Environment.

Availability, experience, competence, innovation, motivation and pragmatism, such are the principles that lead SINBIO to propose the best solutions adapted to the requirements of each project.

SINBIO est certifié OPQIBI

SINBIO is certified OPQIBI

The French body of Qualification for Consultant Engineering.

Bâtiment Sinbio siège social

SINBIO is member of professional associations, such as :

International associations

Organisation internationale du traitement de l’eau par les filtres plantés GWT :
Global Wetland Technology - The consortium of the leading companies in the field Constructed wetlands
Organisation internationale pour les baignades biologiques IOB :
International Organization for natural bathing waters

French associations

Association française pour les baignades biologiques AFBB :
French Organization for natural bathing waters
Association française pour le génie biologique ou génie végétal AGEBIO :
biological and ecological engineering association
Association Scientifique et Technique pour l’Eau et l’Environnement ASTEE :
Scientific and Technical Association for Water and the Environment
Pôle de l’eau Alsace et Lorraine HYDREOS :
Water competitiveness cluster
Réseau d’Échanges et de Valorisation en Écologie de la Restauration REVER :
Ecological restoration Association

SINBIO Offices in France

5 rue des tulipes - 67600 MUTTERSHOLTZ
Tel. : +33 3 88 85 17 94 - Fax : +33 3 88 85 19 50
Courriel :
CAREP 1 – 136 Bd de Finlande - 54340 POMPEY
Tel. : +33 3 83 49 53 29 - Fax : +33 3 83 49 54 74
Atelier Kléber
12 rue Kléber
Tél. : +33 1 47 36 56 20
Espace Performance Alphasis Bât B3
Tél. : +33 3 88 85 17 94
Espace Synthèse
81 route de Bordeaux - 69670 VAUGNERAY
Tel. : +33 4 78 19 13 15